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Our Philosophy

The biggest value an entity might ever feel valued for, is drawing a smile on a person’s face. APPLIED™ would feel valued for drawing thousands of smiles in its local/regional community by giving training & education their true meaning.


Our Vision

We’re the number one leaders’ development institute in the Middle East.

Our Mission

We institute leadership in the local/regional community, at both corporate and individual levels.

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What do we believe in?

Our Core Values

We care for our valued customers and employees; our ambassadors.
Some where in our heart does not understand results, but only people!


We are in love with what we do.
Nothing can stop our dreams.
Even when the night is too long,
there is always a day coming.


It might take us a bit long, a bit unusual,
but it gets done.
Up to your expectations
we deliver not only the theory, but also the application.


Training hours
Training Tracks
Dedicated Professionals; at your disposal!